PEOPLE’S VOTE MARCH [2019] • Buy it Here!

Recorded a variety of CROWD SURGES at two of the People’s Vote Marches in 2019

TRACTION STEAM ENGINES [2016] • Buy it Here!

A variety of Victorian and Edwardian-era traction steam engines

Keywords: SteamEnginesMachinesIndustrial

Traction Steam Engine


Original recordings – 91 files • Stereo / Mono 24bit 96khz • 4.96 GB [PDF spec sheet]

Design material – 111 files • Stereo / Mono 24bit 48khz • 4.58 GB [PDF spec sheet]

A collection of material to be used as ingredients for a range of sound design projects. Everything was recorded at 96khz or 192khz sampling rates, later edited and pitched down (without producing digital artifacts) to form the Design library.

A lot of the recordings contain a wide variety of rhythmic sounds that gradually change over time. Rather than shrink everything down into smaller edits, we decided to preserve as much content as possible by rendering out single mono or stereo files. The user will discover a range of evolving textures within each of these files.

Traction Steam Engine


Using a mobile rig of microphones and recorders, we set about capturing the sounds of five different traction steam engines. Each one produced a wide variety of sounds, particularly when moving. For these moments we would walk alongside the machines, probing inside different parts of the engines with the mics suspended on a boom pole. The ¼ mile stretch of country lane running from the farm to the main road provided us with a 15-20 minute window to capture the different perspectives of the five engines.

Equipment: DPA 4061 • DPA 4060 • NTG3 • Sound Devices Mix-Pre • Fostex FR2LE • Tascam HDP2

Traction Steam Engine